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Log Teepee Campfire Grate

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LOG TEEPEE    Campfire Grate

There are two things you need to have a good campfire.

One is dry wood and the other is air.


Wherever there's a campfire or fire pit, there's always "someone" who knows how to start the fire. Eventually, after a bunch of excuses, the fire sort of starts and that's when the endless "poking" and prodding of the logs begin, because their not burning.

The solution is oxygen, dry wood, and the Log Teepee Campfire Grate.


To have the best air flow your firewood needs to be off the ground and not sitting in a pile trying to burn in the fire ring.

Same reason as a fire grate in a fireplace supports the logs off the base.


With the LOG TEEPEE the firewood lays in a teepee style against the grate to hold the firewood upright.

The Log Teepee lets the air "Feed" the fire from the bottom up and from all sides and not lie in a pile smoldering. You just keep laying firewood against the Log Teepee and enjoy a great fire. 

To Have Fire You Need AIR


How many times have you tried to get a fire going only to have burned up the kindling and had to start over again. The design of the Log Teepee is for the kindling to be off the ground also and not laying on top of the starting paper, smothering it.

Once you get the fire going and have a nice bed of coals, the Log Teepee doubles as a grilling grate holder for a little outdoor cooking for those burgers, brats, steaks, and corn. 




You'll Never Build Another Campfire Without It Again


A great gift for the family member or friends that love camping....or a backyard fire.


Made in America, Door County, Wisconsin

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